April 15, 2019 DCCI Team

DCCI Selects New Ambassadors for Community Initiatives with South Africa

Bhoost Tutoring Services now Ambassadors for DCCI's community initiative in South Africa

Bhoost Tutoring Services is DCCI’s new Ambassador for its community inititatives with South Africa. 

“This initiative will serve the purpose of advancing economic conditions for high school students abroad in Africa as well as local communities here in Nashville, TN.”
Diana C. Onyejiaka – CEO of DC Consult International

About Bhoost Tutoring Services

Bhoost Tutoring Services is a non – profit organization that is primarily focused on mathematics, science, and technology.  Its primary objectives include improving math, science, and technology skills, career development, and student engagement with local communities.

DCCI selected the after school program after learning about the tremendous impact it has made academically for students and surrounding communities. Its President, Nokwazi Mhlongo, a trained scientist, commits her time and efforts into advancing math, science, and technology skills for students in rural Petoria, South Africa. In addition to academic enrichment, Bhoost provides uniforms, meals, and school supplies for students to name a few.

Community Initiatives with Bhoost

DCCI is committed to investing in leaders of tomorrow. Its community initiatives include teaching international business and entrepreneurship to students abroad in Africa and local communities in Nashville, Tennessee. Its aim is to expose high school students to international business and trade through entrepreneurship and agriculture.

Youth trainees are taught to assess market gaps at all levels in their communities as well as their target markets abroad. Students apply math, science, and technological skills gained in the classroom towards their entrepreneurial endeavors while receiving mentor ship and training in agriculture and business development.

All students are encouraged to engage agricultural activities around them as well as encouraged to support their local communities through entrepreneurship.

To become a sponsor or to learn more about our community initiatives contact dconyejiaka@dcconsultintl.com.



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