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DC Consult International (DCCI) is a government and business advisory firm that offers services in federal and state government relations, business advisory, and mediation.





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We cross borders and link cultures to bridge the gap between the U.S. and emerging markets. Our multinational team of experts make it easy to do business everywhere.


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We believe our work speaks for itself. Take a look at some of our recent projects.


DC Consult International takes diversity and inclusion very seriously. We understand how past and present discriminative practices helped marginalized people in today’s workforce. This is why we have a no – nonsense anti – discrimination policy in place.

We are committed to maintaining our long – standing core values of Diversity, Inclusivity, and Open Culture that is integrated into the way that we do business. From recruiting to staffing to the development of client service teams, training, promotion, and advancement, we keep diversity at the forefront of our business.

We will proudly continue in our efforts to promote Diversity, Inclusivity, and Open Culture in all of our offices and surrounding communities.


Our consultants are encouraged to actively participate on boards and committees in their communities. All consultants hold leadership positions in nonprofits, regulatory boards, and council organizations as a way to address the needs and concerns of our communities.

We pledge to unabashedly serve the underserved communities around our communities and around our world. Through life changing programs like our social impact initiative “Youth Trainee – Culture & Sustainability Project”, we are trusted partners to Nashville’s local communities.

If you would like to volunteer or to participate in our community initiative send your resume and 300 word count essay describing why you believe that volunteering in your community is important. 

Send all emails to dconyejiaka@dcconsultintl.com. 


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Business & Emerging Markets

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Compelling news stories about DCCI in the media.

DC Consult International selects Tennessee State University’s Africana Program to collaborate and host 2019 US – AFRICA Business Opportunities & Exchange Conference. Conference begins April 3, 2019. Contact programs & events at +1 (615) 496 – 7716 for details.

Read more here: http://tnstatenewsroom.com/archives/23915

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